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2nd Aug 2019

Make Money & Deliver Your Mission: 5 Key Lessons

Charities in the UK are sitting on billions of Pounds of unexploited income that could help deliver their missions.

Diversifying into commercial income comes with significant challenges. How do charities balance the tension inherent in delivering mission while making money?

How do they make the case for investment in commercial opportunities with so many competing priorities?

How do charities incubate new ideas and act like a start up?

On the 16th of July we hosted our first 'Good Futures' Event, a series focussing on new things and ways of working that we hope will help benefit and change the sector. (You can find the key takeaways in PDF Below) 

We kicked off the series with this key question;

"Given how difficult fundraising has become, how much longer can charities afford to give away their assets and knowledge for free?"

We think it’s time for charities to generate money while delivering their missions and diversify their sources of income.

Pioneers are already doing this and we heard from our expert panel who shared their experience overcoming some of the key challenges. 

With Thanks to our panel: 

Charlotte Guiver, Director of Income Generation at Versus Arthritis, on sharing her experience of developing a start-up to help people with arthritis live better lives

Johnty Gray, Mass Engagement Director at WaterAid, on sharing his experience of investing in social start-ups to deliver new sources of income

Sanjay Lobo, Founder & Chief of OnHand, on sharing what it’s like to be a start-up working with charities

Andrew Bathgate, Co-Founder and Partner at Good Innovation, on sharing the lessons he’s learnt from supporting charities to identify and exploit their assets

 Have you ever considered how much income is locked up in your charity’s assets, capabilities and knowledge?

We’d love to help you find out, it all starts here.



Make Money & Deliver Your Mission: 5 Takeaway's

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