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Amazing Planet




Growing Income


We developed a new sustainable fundraising proposition for WWF which brings to life their, ‘For your world’ brand framework.

The challenge

WWF’s animal adoptions are a great source of income but half of the income is restricted to the specific species which can limit the ability to achieve the greatest impact. WWF needed to generate new unrestricted sources of income which met the needs of their younger audiences. 

To create a new fundraising product that fulfils the unmet needs of people who are interested in actively supporting the planet, that brings to life your brand framework “For your world” and provides you with stable and forecastable income.

The solution

Good Innovation uncovered insights in WWFs target audience and use these to run two ideation workshops with the organisation. We then ran a ‘Hot House’ with experts knowledgeable in the territories we were exploring, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs and social innovators. This multidisciplinary group brought to life original ideas. We then took, My World through to user testing and the idea performed really well with parents of primary school children. We established a roadmap to further prototype and test this proposition.

The impact

Amazing Planet (previous known as, My World) - feeds children's curiosity and opens their eyes to world’s amazing and unusual wildlife through the power of AR. WWF worked with Kids Industries to create the final proposition and launch it to market in 2019.

Amazing Planet attracted media attention from UK Fundraising, TFN and Third Sector.

Client feedback

We know that young people really care about environmental issues and we hope that Amazing Planet will inspire a lifelong passion for nature and wildlife, creating future advocates and change-makers that will join us on this monumental fight for our world.

Kerry Blackstock

Director of Relationship Marketing, WWF-UK

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