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Our Work

Bringing Light the Night to the UK


Blood Cancer UK


We tested a new mass participation event currently popular in the US, to see if it would appeal to an UK audience.

The challenge

Blood Cancer UK wanted to investigate the viability of launching a new fundraising event: Light The Night. The event was originally designed for the US market, our challenge was to explore its appeal in the UK and adapt the proposition to align with UK audience’s needs.

Our Objective was to identify appeal or lack thereof, to give BCUK confidence that Light The Night was worth pursuing. Since the proposition was designed in the US, we set out to deliver clear and actionable guidance on how to adapt the proposition to be as successful as possible. 

The solution

We originally planned to conduct smokescreen testing and a series of interviews with people connected to Blood Cancer. Due to Covid-19, we adapted our approach and conducted a survey instead of smokescreen testing. The survey helped to ascertain appeal for the event, thoughts towards fundraising, attendance and location as well as interest in participation of key event features. Once we had collected this initial data, we were able to explore some of the key insights further through our interviews, which we moved from face to face, to over Zoom. The Blood Cancer UK team shadowed this process, enabling them to hear first hand from their audience. Finally, we helped BCUK develop a roadmap for piloting the event in the UK.

The impact

The event tested well and we were able to provide recommendations to Blood Cancer UK to consider when bringing Light the Night to the UK. 

Blood Cancer UK have an increased confidence renewing their contract with LLS to bring Light the Night to the UK. They are moving forward to plan for a future pilot (once it is safe to do so).

Client feedback

Good Innovation are a fantastic team to work with. Their enthusiasm, knowledge and passion helped us to gain a depth and clarity to our insights that were far beyond what we would have expected. The work we've undertaken with Good Innovation will put us in really good stead to move forward and develop the product.

Ben Sykes

Products & Engagement Manager

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