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Our Work

Creating a New Mass Participation Fundraising Event


Alzheimer’s Society


In just two weeks, we developed three new mass participation fundraising ideas for a new target audience - children 8-14.

The challenge

With the current COVID-19 climate and incredibly uncertain times, Alzheimer’s Society could not rely on fundraising activity that involves face to face interaction or large group gatherings. Many of their current events involve mass or small group gatherings, therefore they needed to diversify their events offering and future proof to ensure they do not have an over reliance on any one type of event. 

Our objective was to develop three new, compelling fundraising event proposition ready for pilot.

The solution

We kicked off the project by first defining who Alzheimer’s Society wanted to target. We conducted a portfolio review and hunch session to identify potential new audiences and decided on children 8 to 14, which was a new audience for the charity. We conducted a two-week sprint to learn more about the audience through 1:1 interviews, generate new ideas with the wider organisation based on insights identified, build and test the ideas with children and their parents. At the end of the sprint, the team pitched three new and exciting fundraising event propositions to stakeholders across the organisation.

The impact

The fundraising event propositions were well received and there was much excitement around engaging this new audience. The innovation and fundraising events teams are conducting further testing and refining the propositions. One of these propositions will be piloted at the beginning of 2021. 

Further, not only were we successful in developing new ideas with senior level buy-in, we also challenged the Alzheimer's Society team to explore a new target audience of children and youth, which will allow them to connect with their parents and grandparents as well.

Client feedback

The experience working with Good Innovation went above and beyond my expectations, which were already incredibly high. I really couldn’t have imagined what we would manage to achieve at the end of a two week sprint process. There have been so many benefits from the process for the whole team, not just the ideas at the end of it. We have been pushed and challenged and have learnt a huge amount. I can't wait to work with you again.

Sarah Maling

Fundraising Innovation & Development Manager

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