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Our Work

Arthr market testing


Versus Arthritis


We helped Versus Arthritis identify how to use their assets and capabilities to generate new commercial income streams and deliver their mission.

The challenge

Versus Arthritis had a burning platform. They needed to increase their income to deliver their long-term strategy. With an existing income source ending and an acceptance that fundraising wasn’t providing the growth needed, they needed new ways to diversify their income.

Versus Arthritis asked us to identify how to use their assets and capabilities to generate new commercial income streams while delivering their mission.

The solution

People with Arthritis struggle with fundamental daily tasks such as getting out of bed and going to the toilet. However, designers and manufacturers have failed to effectively cater for their practical and emotional needs.

We uncovered a market opportunity to use Versus Arthritis’ relationships and expertise to design, manufacture and sell products that would improve people’s quality of life, whilst also generating a sustainable income.

We partnered with leading product designers to generate a portfolio of new, ground-breaking products and then built an online shop to validate real-world demand.

Versus Arthritis
Versus Arthritis

The impact

  • The product test outperformed retail industry benchmarks by up to tenfold 
  • 1000’s of visits to our test webshop
  • The project helped create an Innovative and entrepreneurial culture at Versus Arthritis
  • The final recommendations gained support and funding from Trustees and the Executive Board 

Client feedback

“Without Good Innovation’s creative thinking, capability to solve complex problems and collaborative way of working this project would never have become a reality. Not only have we potentially created a new scalable income stream for Versus Arthritis, but we’ve done that alongside people with arthritis at every stage to develop a business that could be life changing for millions of people.

Through working with the Good Innovation team we have also learnt, changed and grown as an organisation, which has gone on to benefit us in other ways - well beyond this project”

Charlotte Guiver

Director or Income Generation, Versus Arthritis

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